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Almost all CBSE schools follow NCERT textbooks in their school syllabus. These NCERT textbooks are suitably designed for the students starting from Class VI to XII. The questions that are given at the chapter ends for the practice by the students help in strengthening the conceptual base of the students. However the tight scheduling of the subjects and other co curricular activities in the school makes it difficult and non viable for the teachers to discuss every single question at the chapter end and let the students know the answers. In this case the students are expected to do the questions at their homes. In order to cross check the answers the students need to keep a solution manual handy.


The solutions manual of the NCERT textbooks give detailed descriptions to difficult questions and contain extra questions for solving as well. The answers that are given in the NCERT solution books are generally the answers that are designed by various subject experts keeping in mind the format of the answer that the student is expected to write on his exam paper.

Not all the solution books and manuals that are available in the market are genuine and meet up to the standards. Some might even contain mistakes and printing errors. The following are some of best possible options to get the solutions to NCERT textbooks starting from class VI to class XII:


Various online sites provide the users with detailed solutions of the NCERT Text book questions starting from class 6 to class 12. The site which provides the users with solutions to NCERT text books is https://www.toppr.com/bytes/ncert-books/ . This sites provide detailed NCERT solutions along with additional question banks, sample papers and solved sample papers. Some sites also provide video solutions for various questions for a better understanding of the solutions. These sites also maintain solution threads where various students can post their answers or even question the answers posted by other students. These sites aim towards a clear cut understanding of the concept by relating the question with several key concepts along with providing quick links to them.


Various publication houses have come up with the solution manuals prepared by subject experts. Golden and Arihant are some of the top publication houses that have the solution manuals for all NCERT text books from Class 6 to 12. These solution handbooks help in making the student aware of the most correct answer format that is expected to be written by the students on the exam paper. These solution books also contain additional questions to be solved by the student for additional practice. These handbooks have key points before the beginning of each chapter for quick reference.


NCERT also publishes solution manuals for its regular textbooks from class 6 to class 12 for the teachers but in limited quantities. These are the best solution manuals that a student can get for the NCERT textbooks but these are difficult to be found. Generally the book stores do not store the copies of the genuine solution manuals by NCERT. So the only option left is to go for these books online. The pdf version of the NCERT manual can be downloaded from the official NCERT site.


There are chances that the solution manual that the student refers might contain errors in the solutions or even be misprinted. So rather than blindly trusting on the solution books for the answers the students should consult with their teachers. A large number of similar guide books for NCERT text books are available in the market. The best one among them should be chosen after thorough consultation and reviews from seniors or the teachers. There are certain books that do not contain the answers or solutions to every question given in the text book. So necessary precautions should be taken before choosing the right book to refer for the solutions to the NCERT questions.

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