What is Tungsten Carbide Coating and why is it so Special?

Most people are not aware of this substance, but it turns out to be super amazing. Tungsten Carbide is a substance that is found in the form of powder. However, science managed to turn it into something truly valuable for us as humanity. Learn more about it on this link.

With a special procedure called sintering, this chemical compound can be pressed and become a material that is one of the strongest materials on this planet. After the sintering, the powder becomes so stiff, that the density is twice bigger than the one of the steel.

That fact tells you how valuable it is. It can be used for so many needs across all industries in the world. It is used for many things, from cutting tools in the machinery industry, to cutting diamonds and making true valuable jewelry for everyone to admire.

What Tungsten Carbide is?

This compound is made of two different ingredients. Those are Tungsten and carbon. The tungsten is also known in the chemical period system as Wolfram. It has an atomic number 74 and it is almost always found in the Earth’s core mixed with other materials, but never alone. Take a look at this link if you want to know more about wolfram: https://www.livescience.com/38997-facts-about-tungsten.html.

It is very rare and that’s why the compound we are talking about here has so great value. The powder is fairly affordable, but with it, you can’t do much. You need to have it pressed and prepared to work. When it is made in a form of a tool, it comes with a tremendously high price.

The numbers can go as high as dozens of thousands of dollars. The most valuable tools that cut diamonds and need to be highly precise can be found for even hundreds of thousands of dollars. It all tells you that this is an extremely valuable and important compound that has a great price on the market.

It is an indestructible compound

With everything we’ve said, you might say that this is a substance that can only be destroyed in a fire. You are wrong again. When the tungsten carbide coating is created, it can’t even be destroyed with fire. The material is entirely fire-resistant.

The melting point of this compound is 5,200 degrees Fahrenheit. For comparison, the hottest temperature on Mercury, the closes planet to the sun has a temperature of up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit. The Sun itself has a temperature of 9,941 degrees Fahrenheit, so you understand how much heat this compound can take and how valuable it can be for the industry.

How is it coated?

Although it is stiff and durable on its own, to get the best service, it needs to be combined with some of the following chemicals: Nickel, Cobalt, and Chrome. Various combinations are available, depending on what the manufacturer is trying to achieve.

The coating made of this is used for the industry. These materials are used to add more value to the rough tungsten carbide compound. With the metals in it, they can be pressed and shaped. Their ductility is much bigger, and together with the ceramic strangeness, we get an amazing product.

Where it is used?

It finds a lot of practice across all industries. Because of its performance, it can be used anywhere, but the only problem is that it does not come cheap. For example, a great place where it finds use is the braking system in vehicles. Since it’s not easy to be destroyed, the breaks last for a long time.

Creating tools in machinery is the place where it is most commonly used. Machines need to work with some very hard materials. Sometimes they need to be cut, other times to be pressed. With the stiffness of this one, that is easily done. It is also used in mining, medicine, jewelry creation, etc.


If you didn’t know about tungsten carbide coating, now you know exactly what it is. This fantastic compound is indestructible and is used in various industries. 

It helps humanity move forward. Soon, it will surely show us great results in space exploration and maybe even inhabiting other planets, who knows. We will wait for the time to show us.

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