What Does The Future Of Parking Lot Design Look Like

As we get closer to enjoying a world where autonomous vehicles would be the primary mode of transportation, it would also imply that there would be changes in anything car related– ranging from public transit going down to traffic patterns as well as street designs.
Furthermore, ridesharing giants, such as Lyft and Uber would soon implement the use of self-driving cars into their services, and there are those who would start looking for ways on how to make road constructions much friendlier.
One of the few places that would change would be the parking garage– an increase in automated vehicle technology would cause this. It is expected that construction experts would start to reconsider how these parking spaces are made and look for ways on how to make them better.

The Evolution of Parking Design

Since the early 60s, there have been parking garages specially made to store cars for commercial use. However, back then, they’re considered accessory structures, and nothing more. We can say that parking during those days is more utilitarian, and they continue to serve as a functional structure with one sole purpose– to store cars.
However, for the past 20 years, this focus shifted into something more important– the security and safety of those who park their cars in these places. Design details were modified to improve the environment, offer protection, as well as better lighting.
Increased visibility, as well as the lines of sight,  are the other factors also considered. Then, there’s also the installation of a speed bump, and other traffic devices that would lessen the risks of accidents.
At present, although functionality is still essential for success– both in the business of parking and architecture, experts also work on some things. There’s the 3D modeling, physical models, and other visual depictions that are considered to be crucial in the design and approval process.
The appearance of the parking lot is just one of the few things that should be focused on. Likewise, to serve high-rise apartments, town centers, and train stations, the architecture of parking is very important. Murals, LED lighting, metal facades, and the like don’t only add aesthetic value, but they also increase the sense of place to serve those who use the area.


As more and more people become environmentally aware, they know the importance of using or developing technological devices that are good for the environment.
That’s why a lot of companies are doing their best to create higher environmental and energy efficiency standard that’s not only beneficial for the public but to the environment as well.

Future Trends

Technology would continue to affect the design, and new materials will continue to evolve the look and shape of the planned buildings. Indeed, the implications of technology are something that we cannot easily narrow– it’s broad enough, allowing us to explore more.
A few years from now, sustainability measures would continue to increase– both in intensity and effect. Building and municipal codes are also making a shift.
As technology continues to improve, it would continue to affect different industries, and even the parking lots would experience these changes.

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