Virtualization Solutions to Reduce Operational Costs

With the world heading for another probable financial meltdown, the need to minimize the operational costs has become paramount for every organization. This is the reason most market analysts firmly believe that virtualization is all set to play an extremely critical role in determining the future of every organization. The concept of virtualization came into being with advancements in software development technology and was aimed at giving organizations low cost alternatives of highly intricate enterprise infrastructures.

Though a great development for every organization; unfortunately, with the data security standard (DSS) of the payment card industry (PCI) not giving recognition to virtualization, several organizations were deterred from leveraging on this remarkable solution. However, the scenario changed completely when PCI updated its data security standard to clarify the rules for virtualization in the industry. Touted to be the first major change to the PCI DSS, virtualization solutions is sure to enable a large number of organizations in minimizing their operational costs.

The recently released v2.0 standard released by PCI has eradicated a major drawback with its predecessor. Previous PCI standard didn’t clarify whether multiple machines running on single hypervisors were to be considered as one server or not. The recent virtualization solutions has enabled IT managers to have multiple virtual machines on one virtualization server as long as each virtual machine implemented a unique primary function. However, a web-based server and a database server cannot be installed on the same virtual machine.

Virtualization PCI has enabled businesses using credit card processing systems to move their systems to a virtualization server and experience a substantial reduction in their overall data management costs while improving the efficiencies of data sensitive enterprise solutions. The biggest advantage organizations are going to get from this change is the remarkable improvement in their overall efficacies while actually being able to reduce the cost involved. With the help of virtualization solutions, organizations are sure to manage critical credit card data in a highly cost effective manner.

Though it is apparent that virtualization is the key for every business that wishes to sustain the ever-increasing competition and a probable financial crisis; a lot depends on competence of the IT firm offering virtualization services. Hence it is extremely important to go only with one of the trusted names in the league such as Cisco, VMware, HyTrust, Coalfire, and Savvis. In order to make your final pick, it is recommended that you closely analyze the testimonials received by the stated IT virtualization PCI providers.

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