Top Ways Technology Changed Learning

Education has always been a priority for everyone. With the advancement of the use of internet in computer and mobile technology, the learning has now mounted up to a new level. Technology is now treated as a silver bullet to perceive any sort of problem in the field of education. E-learning has now made a revolutionary change giving a new methodology in learning. This learning makes the boredom type of old learning into interactive and interesting learning.
Here are some benefits of using modern technology which is considered to be boon to education:
(i) Time-saving: E-learning techniques are considered to be the fastest method of learning. It hardly takes few minutes to understand a topic which takes more than hours by the traditional method of learning by books. Topics like Circles, Polynomial equation, Trigonometry can be solved in a day or two which normally takes a week or so. This would also be a great help at the time of examination.
(ii) Personalized Learning Tool: The personalized learning tool means the one which works according to the student’s pace. This type of tool works depending upon the interest of students giving them a platform where they can manage their speed and time in learning different topics. In classroom education, students need to study according to what the teacher decides whereas, in learning through the application tool one can study according to his will.
(iii) Portable: One of the benefits of Electronic learning is that it can be carried by the user anywhere. In mobiles, one can store lectures which can be watched during the leisure time or at the time of traveling. Previously, it was bit difficult to carry books at the time of traveling but with the new technology, one can easily carry thousands of books in their laptops or mobile phone.
(iv) Visualization in action: Images plays a vital role in understanding a topic. Think of a lecture on Calculus, the first thing that comes to our mind is the area. Thus visual plays a major role in relating studies with the real world. The video lectures make studies faster, easier with better conceptual knowledge.
(v) Online Test practice and Analysis: Students can practice online test series which they can easily access from different websites, maybe free or paid. After completion of the test, they can easily analyze their result in order to determine strong and weak area.
Thus from the points above, we can say that the conventional education system gives an environment where the Teacher is the supreme authority and students are their subjects whereas, in the modern method of education, the students are their masters and can study according to their interest. Students will have supreme freedom in learning.
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