Tips on finding a child's birthday present

Birthday moments can be fun and exciting yet confusing moments. Especially when to look for and choose a birthday present. Because the options are available very much.
The type of gift most often given parents to their children is toys. But what kind of toys are suitable for your child? These are the things that you should look into before deciding which toys will be the birthday gift of the baby.

  • Children 1 year

Do not give too small toys too big too. Too small would be easy for him to put in his mouth. Toys that are too big will burden his arm. We recommend selecting soft toys such as rubber or plastic.

  • 2-year-old child.

At this age the child begins to develop his motor. Toys that can be pushed and pulled will greatly help him train his muscles and motor.

  • 3-year-old child.

His control and coordination had improved. Gifts of tricycles, cookies, or toy cars will be of considerable benefit to him.

  • Children 4 years.

The ability of his brain is more developed. Train your child’s brain by giving a puzzle gift. Certainly not a complicated puzzle. Enough puzzle with 10-20 pieces only.

  • Child 5 years old.

A PlayStation can be a fitting gift for a 5-year-old child in training memory. But also look at the games that are played are made for his age. Do not contain elements of violence.
When buying a toy make sure you do not give that can be broken down into small pieces to children under 3 years old. Children of this age are still exploring by mouth. So it is possible that the toy goes into the mouth and is swallowed. Also avoid toys that are rough and sharp, because it can hurt a child’s hand or body. If you are confused choosing a gift for your child I suggest to see it on, personalized kids plates
Lastly, do not forget to wrap the toys as interesting as possible. The reason, opening a gift is the most exciting experience for children who are birthday. Therefore, design gift wrap interesting and make your child curious.

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