Things to Remember About People Counting Device


According to numerous studies and reports, people with a positive experience with a particular brand or business tend to spend more money in general. 

The best way to determine your course of action is to implement footfall or people counting technology to improve overall customer experience, which will bring you more profit than before.

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We are talking about organizing things such as optimizing store performance, assessing the marketing campaigns, and scheduling, among other things.

However, you should know that footfall counters and sensors come in various sizes and shapes, which is why you should stay with us to learn more about them.

  1. Stereo People Counter
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When it comes to this particular type of people counters, you should know that most of them come in the pencil case that features two camera lenses. You have to fix it to the ceiling about the area you wish to measure, and you will be able to do it with ease.

Of course, it comes with a limited degree, but you will get an accurate picture of several people passing. Compared with thermal sensors, you will not lose the people passing, making it a more accurate and useful solution.

It is an excellent solution if you wish to collect exits and entries in real-time, and you can implement it in various environments depending on your preferences and areas. 

Remember that stereo data is reliable since it uses the same technological approach as our eyes to understand the field of view and depth.

This will allow you to exclude items by particular factors such as height, for instance, objects such as pushchairs and children.

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The high-end models come with the ability to provide you customer dwell time within a particular zone, many customers that entered inside, and the ability to track the customer journey, which will help you learn behavior that you can use for promotion campaigns.

  1. Mono People Counter
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Compared with the stereo counter, it is half of its size, and it features only one lens, which is fixed, and circular, which means that it can measure the area underneath it. 

Since it does not come with two lenses, you will not get the depth of view, so you will not be able to remove small objects and children from the calculation.

Therefore, it is not as accurate as a stereo counterpart, but you will still be able to get the number that will help you create a good marketing campaign.

Everything depends on the model you choose, but generally, the range of accuracy is between fifty percent and can go up to ninety percent. In the best cases, you will be able to achieve excessive perspective on the people that go in and out.

It comes with consistent lighting, which means that you should place it in retail store area with low traffic. However, it comes with less hardware, which makes it more convenient for installation and maintenance. 

Since the credibility of data is in question, we recommend you to think twice before buying them. Of course, if you have a limited budget, you can use it to create some analysis of your current situation.

  1. Thermal People Counter

If you wish to get a people counter, which comes with the same size as a smoke alarm, you should choose a thermal sensor. You can also get a camera, which is small, not transparent, and visible.

The idea is to fix it to the ceiling so that you can measure a particular zone. The best thing about them is the high accuracy because it uses thermal imaging technology to notice temperature changes that happen to the environment.

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It can easily detect your customers’ body heat, which means that you will get reliable data even if you have high foot traffic. You will create wider zones by implementing various cameras, especially if you have multiple entrances or exits. 

Remember that thermal counters are perfect for areas with a steady flow of foot traffic, such as shopping malls. Since they do not need light, you can use them in darkness as well.

  1. CCTV Counting System

When it comes to Closed Circuit technology, you probably already have them available in your store for security reasons. However, you can also use particular types to count people who pass through your area, which is an effective and accurate solution.

According to people that used this particular form of counting, the system is accurate, and it comes with various lighting variations. Since cameras can be smart, they can have focus, which means that you will improve accuracy, among other things.

The main problem lies in installation and setup because it requires plenty of cables and electric outlets. Simultaneously, consistency is not always accurate, which is why you should choose other technology instead.

Of course, if you have a limited budget, you can choose this particular one but have in mind that it can interfere with privacy regulations.

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Final Word

We can differentiate a wide array of technologies available on the market, but these four ones are the most popular and effective. 

Everything depends on your store’s size, the money you wish to invest, and what you wish to achieve with them in the first place.

Having a counter is a great way to improve your marketing campaign and customer experience, two essential aspects of growing your business.