Technology Will Be Present In The Future

The future of technology is a very interesting topic for discussion. How come? Everyone must want to know what will happen to them in the future. But unfortunately it can not be done because the future is a matter that is still a mystery, even God only knows. But let us not be discouraged yet, although we can not know what will happen to us in the future, but we can plan everything from now on what we will do in the future.
As scientists, they always think positively of the world in the future, so now scientists are intensively perform a variety of technological innovations in the future. They are always experimenting to get the maximum results for the advancement of technology in the future. for more information you can visit modern adjustable table legs
Future technology
When we talk about technology, what occurred to our mind are things that are so advanced that relate to machines, robots and speed. As some of the future technology of the following:
Breathalyser Car

Security agencies highway traffic United States have developed a device that can monitor the level of alcohol by breathing or blood reading of the fingertip through the steering wheel. Then, when the alcohol content of the driver is too high then the car will stop automatically. The drivers who use this system can enjoy lower insurance premiums.
Self-driving truck

We have gotten used to the idea of ​​creating a car that can dikemudiakn without a driver, in fact we have seen an example of a car like that in the streets, well although not in Indonesia. These cars are made of the search engine company, Google. Indeed, the car has used en masse because it is still in the testing phase, but the future, Google hopes to patent it and can function perfectly so that it can be used by everyone.
It was not just the car that will be without a driver, the truck will also have a system like that. In the future we will be able to see a lot of trucks without driver on the road, it was inspired by the many logistics companies are mushrooming all over the world and make the world go round. Lorries without the drivers will become cheaper to operate than the engines used in trucks, run smoothly and saving fuel. The system is controlled by a computer will always run because the computer never felt tired and needed a break. This makes the truck without a driver can move in a longer road route.