Recovering Corrupted Bkf File From External Hard Disk

I guess you must have faced loss of your precious data sometime or the other. And you would definitely agree that it is really frustrating to lose your

Consider a scenario wherein you have a hard drive that has just gone dead. You replaced the hard drive with a new one. You used to backup all your data in an external hard disk using incremental backup mode. Now, when you try to use that backup to restore lost data you are unable to do so. An error message is displayed:

?The data file contains unrecognized data and cannot be used.?

The error message clearly suggests that the BKF file is inaccessible.


The root cause of this issue is that the BKF file is corrupt. It may have gone corrupt because of the aforementioned reasons.


Now that you do not have the original data with you, the only thing that you can do in such situation is to use a third-party BKF recovery tool to repair BKF file. These read-only tools are highly interactive, and use fast yet sophisticated algorithms to scan the damaged area.

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