How to Restore Your Dell Computer?

Dell computers are widely used in homes and offices. The computers are famous for their advanced features and techniques. However, the Dell computers start functioning in an improper way when you try to install any software or hardware. In such moments you need serious professional help which you can avail from online tech support help desks.

Apart from this, Dell computer sometimes creates problem on many other issues like darkening of screen all of a sudden, switching to sleep mode and many more. When the computer doesn’t return to perform normally then you need to perform factory reset. You might have often done that in your mobile phones; but doing that in Dell computers is not a matter of joke. It’s always wise to go for any remote computer repair company available online.

The instructions of system restore are given below:

1. Back up all your data; as after system restore all your data will be deleted. You can save them in an external medium. Like- hard drive, or flash drive, or pen drive.

2. Then remove all the computer peripherals like printer, modem, router, etc, if connected with your computer.

3. After removing all external devices restart your Dell computer. When the Dell logo appears on the computer screen press Ctrl+F11 together on the computer screen. Keep on pressing until you get the Dell Restore page by Symantec. Then release both the buttons together.

Then you need to click on the Restore button on the screen. After clicking on it, you will be alerted about data loss. After you allow it, the process will start up. This process will take some time so be patient while the system restore take place in our computer.

4. After the process ends, the Finish button will come up. You need to click on it. And then reboot your computer. When the computer has been rebooted, you will find the hard drive of your computer has reached to the factory setting.

5. Then you need to start with the set up and installation process. When done install all the applications like device drivers, programs, MS-Office, CD drives. Also install the software which you use like- adobe, flash, music players etc.

As all has been deleted due to the restore process, hence you were advised to keep back up before starting factory restore. System restore is an extremely intricate process. Don’t attempt it unless you are required to; or only in emergency situations. For a non-tech person it is recommended to opt for a good technical assistance.

From online computer services you will get the most updated service, which might not be available at your onsite shop. The representatives are technically certified so you can be sure to get the best help for system restore.

You can contact them through e-mail or chat process or even call up and speak with them directly. In such way you will be able to reach the tech support team fast and resolve your Dell computer issue quickly.

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