How To Be An Android Developer

Mobile phone or smartphone applications that we use every day has changed our lives. Starting from the way of doing business, communication, and entertainment. These applications are developed by a Mobile Apps Developer.
So, how to become a Mobile Developer? The first thing to do is to choose a platform, whether Android, iOS or Windows Phone. In this discussion, I will explain how to become an Android Developer.For More Information you can visit

So, how to be an Android Developer? Developing Android applications can do on a Mac, Windows, or Linux. You also need to have an Android phone to run the application. Although it can use the emulator as Genymotion, but you need to test your application on a real phone. Here are the things that must be learned to be an Android Developer.

1. Java
A hard first skill that must be learned is the Java programming language, therefore mastered Java. Java is a programming language used to develop Android applications natively (the original default Android). In addition to a native, you can develop Android applications in hybrid using PhoneGap or Cordova where you can develop Android applications with web programming language. However, I would suggest using native, and on this blog, I just provide learning for native (Java). For Java, you must master the concepts of OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) and other common classes in Java.
2. SQL
In addition to Java, you also have to learn the basics of SQL (Structured Programming Language) to implement the database in Android applications. SQL is a language used to access data in a relational database.
3. Android Software Development Tool (ADT) and Android Studio
Tools (tools) that are used to develop Android applications is Android can be obtained easily and for FREE: D. Tools needed are Android Software Development Tool (ADT) and Android Studio can be downloaded for free here. Why did I choose Android Studio is not Eclipse? Because Android Studio is an IDE for building official Android. In addition, Android Studio is the development of Eclipse, which has many new features compared to Eclipse. However, Android Studio takes up more RAM than the Eclipse.
4. XML
The basics of XML syntax will help you to develop Android applications in terms of the design of the display or user interface (UI). The main base is located in the Android User Interface in XML. The look is very important as a good benchmark interpretation and whether or not an application.
5. Read the tutorial and Join Community
Read tutorials, attend courses, and join the community of Android Developer will greatly help you in developing your ability to develop Android applications. You can read the tutorial Android application development of websites on the Internet or from ebook and book. For the community, you can start looking for a community in your school or college. Besides that, you also have to apply what you’ve learned into a real application.