How Mobile Apps Are Revolutionising Businesses

Businesses are, by nature, constantly having to change and adapt to their environment in order to keep progressing and growing. In today’s age of digital innovation, this has never been more relevant, especially with regards to mobile apps.

In some businesses, apps are now essential for their daily operations, and this is likely to extend to most businesses in the near future. Here are some of the ways apps are revolutionising businesses worldwide.
The majority of apps nowadays are extremely accessible and incredibly varied, with around 2.8 million in the Google Play Store alone. It therefore makes sense that businesses which have their own app are likely to be far more accessible than those which don’t. This is the reason many businesses are expanding through developing their own apps for customers to use.
Online trading brokers like ETX Capital, for instance, have developed apps which bring all the features of their trading platform to mobile devices, allowing traders to access their portfolios whenever and wherever they like. In this sense, the advent of mobile apps has brought a whole new dimension to the way businesses can be used by customers.
Another major benefit that apps have brought to businesses is their potential to be used as a marketing and advertising tool. With global online activity increasingly taking place on mobile devices, companies now have the chance to gain exposure for their product/service through advertising it on apps, similar to how they advertise it on the internet.
Also, those businesses who have their own apps have another channel to promote themselves, which comes in the form of the various app stores which exist today. These allow them to have a significant presence and keep up with their competition.
Apps for Business
The app revolution is not all about businesses reaching customers, though. Apps which help business with their daily operations are now incredibly common, improving areas such as communication and organisation as well as many others. Hootsuite, for instance, allows businesses to manage all their social media in one place, whilst also measuring their ROI for each type of social media they use.
It is easy to envisage a world in which a multitude of unique and effective apps are used by businesses on a daily basis to make operations smoother and achieve their goals.
Creating Businesses
The appearance of businesses and entrepreneurs who develop apps for a living is now commonplace, with many having made a fortune from such ventures (Angry Birds, for instance). With so many coming out on a daily basis, expert knowledge is now needed to develop quality apps which truly stand out and serve people’s interests/needs.
Those who have the skills to build an app are in high demand, and often work with entrepreneurs to bring their vision to life. These businesses are a relatively new phenomenon, but due to the widespread use of apps they can grow incredibly quickly if their product is successful.
The Future for Apps
The momentum which apps have gained in the business world shows no signs of slowing, with a huge amount of businesses benefitting from their ability to enhance operations. It is likely that apps will become even more unique, penetrating specialist areas of business and continuing to improve their efficiency.
With the rapid rate of technological progression, some business apps may well become obsolete as they are replaced by better versions which have more to offer. That being said, the apps which exist today have formed a solid foundation for advancement and innovation in the future.
There are numerous ways in which apps have revolutionised businesses, often making their processes more efficient as well as allowing them to reach out to a wider customer base. This looks set to continue, as more innovative apps are developed which transform businesses across the world.

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