Best Zee Tv Punjabi serials to watch from UK and Europe

Bringing shows that are inspired by the region and culture, Zee Punjabi has emerged as a one-stop destination for Punjabi entertainment in a short time. Understanding the need for a regional channel where the culture is so influential, Zee TV launched Zee Punjabi, which was wholeheartedly accepted by Punjabis worldwide. Zee Punjabi now lives in available regions on YuppTV, the biggest streaming platform for South Asian content. Users in the UK and Europe can watch their favourite Punjabi shows live on YuppTV whenever and wherever.  

Launched in January 2020, Zee Punjabi garnered a considerable fan base with no time. With content that reflects the spirit and strength of the language, Zee TV continues to bring the best of Punjab entertainment. With superhit movies, daily soaps and shows, Zee Punjabi is creating magic with stories. The content resonates with the channel’s brand promise ‘Jazba Kar Vakhon Da’ – the spirit to make dreams come true. 

Experimenting with all genres right from its inception, Zee Punjabi is ruling hearts. Let’s check out some of the popular Zee Punjabi shows which users can watch from the UK and Europe.  

Akhiyan Udeek Diyan 

‘Akhiyan Udeek Diyan’ is a romantic drama about true love beyond the barriers of age, society and financial status. The story of Vikramjit Kapoor and Naina Gulati, deeply in love despite their age gap and society prejudices, will make people fall in love again. 

Chhoti Jathani 

An unusual story of the Darani-Jathani relationship, Chhoti Jathani promises to keep viewers hooked. As unique as its name sounds, it raises the obvious question in mind, how can Jathani be Chhoti? Or is it that the Darani is the elder one? Or something else? With its out of the box storyline, this is another attempt to explore this unique side of our society. 

Tera Rang Chadeya 

The story revolves around two distinctive individuals Seerat and JD. While Seerat is a humble, lovable and ambitious girl, JD is a rude superstar. Watch what happens next? 

Other popular shows include – Khasma Nu Khani, Maawan Thandiyan Chaavan, Superstar Nuh, Swaad Aa Gaya, Hasseyan Da Halla, Kamli Ishq Di and many others.  

Watch all your favourite Zee Punjabi shows live on YuppTV. Download the app and enjoy seamless streaming. 

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