5 Cool Tech Gadgets for 2021

Are you a tech gadget lover interested in using the latest and cool tech gadgets? Innovations keep coming out every time, thereby making it difficult to know which gadgets to buy. To make it easier for you, you can check up the various newest electronic gadgets brand reviews on US-Reviews. You will see many people’s reviews on the different cool tech gadgets, and it will help you streamline your choice. This article will guide you by showing you some of the five best cool tech gadgets for 2021.

Sony FX3

Sony’s FX3 is the company’s smallest and most affordable cinema camera to date. Since it was designed for filmmakers rather than photographers, it can capture ultra HD video at 120 frames per second for extended periods.

It includes a suitable handle for shooting from low angles and additional sockets for connecting various audio inputs. Additionally, there is in-body picture stabilization for times when you are “running and gunning.”

Also, the camera can work with Sony’s yet-to-be-released Airspeak drone. At 715g, it’s slightly too large to fit in your pocket, but it’s light and compact enough to carry with you everywhere you go. Keep an eye out for it to appear in possession of your favorite YouTuber soon.

Xbox Wireless headset

The new official Xbox Series X and S gaming headset packs a lot of features into a small package, and, for once, it won’t make you look like an extra in a Tron film.

The cans feature cutting-edge surround sound technology (Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos, and DTS), ensuring that you can hear those footsteps creeping up behind you. Within is a clever, retractable microphone capable of isolating your voice and canceling out background noise.

Likewise, it has an auto-mute feature that switches off the mic when you’re finished speaking: no more accidental heavy breathing during communications. We’ll withhold final judgment before we get our hands on a pair, but this appears to be the prudent way to bring immersive sound to your Xbox.

Transparent Speakers

Apart from public restrooms, there are few aspects in existence that aren’t enhanced by transparency. Consider this speaker, which is encased in tempered glass.

According to Transparent, the Swedish design studio that produced it, the speakers are made of robust, recyclable materials. Each product may be used independently as a Bluetooth speaker or existing audio equipment to create a stereo sound system.

It’s also upgradeable, with a compartment at the rear for storing and powering different modules – such as a voice assistant or modern wireless technology.

POC Omne Eternal

A light-harvesting material called Powerfoyle is embedded under the surface of this helmet, converting solar energy to electricity. After cycling to work in the morning, charge the POC Omne Eternal by placing it near a sunny window; by evening, you should have a fully charged red light on the back of the helmet.

When you put the helmet on, the sensors inside trigger the display. While the back-facing light is not bright enough to replace the bike lights you’re always failing to charge, it will increase your visibility to others.

Carol Exercise Bike

“In 26 minutes a week, get fit and healthy.” That is the audacious argument made by the makers of this exercise bike, which incorporates high-intensity training with an algorithm that assesses your fitness level and recommends a workout routine.

The bike is based on the premise that short bursts of vigorous exercise are successful at improving your health. Numerous studies seem to support this notion, with some indicating that periods of vigorous exercise interspersed with periods of rest appear to drive the body outside its comfort zone, thus enhancing heart health, lung capability, fat-burning capacity, and more.

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