3 Simple Ways to Enjoy Your HTC Desire Even More

In a world overrun by iPhones, consumers who instead choose an HTC Desire stand out from the crowd. Your HTC Desire offers all the best features of a more expensive iPhone and then some. However, you may not realize that the phone you pick up straight from the store isn’t equipped to its full potential. Learn how to enjoy your phone even more with a few simple, affordable changes.

Unlock the Phone

Get a fast, affordable code to unlock the HTC Desire 530 online and get so much more out of your phone. Unlocking is a perfectly legal but not often advertised way of using a phone. It increases the phone’s value should you ever consider reselling it because it doesn’t attach the phone to a single carrier. It also allows you to use the phone in other countries with incurring additional charges. That alone is well worth the price of the unlock code.

Hide Unused Tabs

The phone you get straight from the manufacturer is loaded with tabs linking to apps you never use. They want you to use these apps they’ve developed, especially the ones from sponsors. However, they just clutter up your desktop and take up valuable space you could use for the apps you do want to use. Head into “Settings,” select “Edit Tabs,” and uncheck the ones you don’t have an interest in. You can easily recheck them to get the tabs to reappear later if you decide you want to use them.

Scrolling Faster

Having a long list of contacts is great for socialization, but it’s not so great when you’re in a hurry and you want to get in touch with someone way down the list. Use two fingers on your screen to scroll through the contacts list even faster and get to the middle or end of the list without getting irritated at how slowly the list is moving. Call or message a friend whose last name begins with “Y” or “Z” in a matter of seconds.

Unlocking your phone is key to getting the most out of what the manufacturer allows for the phone but the salespeople don’t want you to know about. If you have a phone you’re getting ready to sell that your new HTC model replaced, unlock it quickly beforehand, as the process raises the resale value of the phone. Any time you get a new phone, unlock it to see the phone’s true potential.

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