Small business SEO tips that work

When you’re a small business owner, SEO can seem daunting indeed. However, there are plenty of basic things that you can get right to improve the ranking of your website. Remember, even if your website is completely slick and beautifully designed, it won’t be ranked well without ongoing optimisation, and your customers won’t be able to find it.


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Firstly, begin with your on-page SEO. Start with the title and make sure that every web page has a meaningful title that accurately describes the content. Secondly, look at the URL – it needs to be as short and punchy as possible –


Use the target words that your visitors will be searching for when they look for your business and try to include them in the first few lines of your text. Remember though, keyword stuffing is a big no-no and Google is wise to it. Simply use keywords and phrases in a natural way and choose the ones that are specific and which have less competition.

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For example, if you run a caravan park, you could include phrases such as ‘family caravan park in Rhyl, North Wales’, rather than simply ‘caravan park’, to avoid competing with large, national and well-established sites. For SEO in Dublin, an agency such as can help you.


Make sure too that you include links from external websites – quality websites that make sense for your business. You can get links by asking for customer reviews or by including case studies, and by having a PR plan that gets you content in the local or trade press which can then link to your website.

Have a blog

Regular and updated content is vital for SEO, so invest in a blog and update it regularly, sharing the content across any social media accounts that your business might have. Focus on preparing content that is useful and relevant to the reader. Remember, Google ranks sites more highly that are providing genuine value for the reader – so look for quality in the work that you do.


Finally, use Google Analytics and the Search Console tool to find the keywords that your visitors will be using in order to find your site. This helps to avoid guesswork and the tools are easy to use.

These tips will help you start to rank!