I Finally Got My New House

It is not a new house and it is certainly not a big house, but I can afford the place and that tells you that it has a few issues. It used to belong to an elderly lady who had a dentist for a son. I just happened to come across him one day and I found out that he was trying to get himself clear of the house. If he had put some money in it and some work he could have turned it into a winner. It came with furniture, two old sofas and that sort of thing. I do not care too much for any of it, but right now I am going to keep it until I find better things or the money that it would take to replace the stuff. One of them has a place where the springs have totally given out, which I assume is where the old lady sat in the same place for decades in front of her TV.

The place needs to have the bath fixed up first of all, in fact I am not entirely sure that there is not some damage to the subflooring, although I am sure that it not bad. In one place it seems as though there is a lot of play in the flooring and that makes you nervous. So I am thinking that the best idea would be to pull out all of the stuff that is in it and then replace what needs to be replaced. Of course it is not a pressing matter and I am going to think long and hard before I do it. Right now I am saving a bundle on my monthly bills. The house payment is about two thirds of what I had been paying in rent every month.