Best Zee Tv Punjabi serials to watch from UK and Europe

Bringing shows that are inspired by the region and culture, Zee Punjabi has emerged as a one-stop destination for Punjabi entertainment in a short time. Understanding the need for a regional channel where the culture is so influential, Zee TV launched Zee Punjabi, which was wholeheartedly accepted by Punjabis worldwide. Zee Punjabi now lives in available regions on YuppTV, the biggest streaming platform for South Asian content. Users in the UK and Europe can watch their favourite Punjabi shows live on YuppTV whenever and wherever.  

Launched in January 2020, Zee Punjabi garnered a considerable fan base with no time. With content that reflects the spirit and strength of the language, Zee TV continues to bring the best of Punjab entertainment. With superhit movies, daily soaps and shows, Zee Punjabi is creating magic with stories. The content resonates with the channel’s brand promise ‘Jazba Kar Vakhon Da’ – the spirit to make dreams come true. 

Experimenting with all …

Note, 2 Tips to Prevent Covid-19 Transmission While on Vacation


In the next few days, people will soon face the Christmas and New Year holidays in 2021. Some people have even started traveling. However, it is feared that the movement and mobility of the community will increase the Covid-19 cases.


It is necessary to implement strict health protocols from every element of society so that cases do not increase after the holidays. For that, see tips for safe holidays from the Head of the Department of Epidemiology.


  1. Avoid saliva splash

The spread of the coronavirus occurs through the transmission of droplets from droplets when someone talks, sneezes, or coughs. Therefore, as much as possible avoid drooling while other people are talking and stick to other protocols, such as wearing a mask, washing hands diligently, keeping your distance, and avoiding crowds. Masks made of cloth only protect 70 percent, surgical masks are around 80-90 percent and the safest …


Best Information About General

Almost all CBSE schools follow NCERT textbooks in their school syllabus. These NCERT textbooks are suitably designed for the students starting from Class VI to XII. The questions that are given at the chapter ends for the practice by the students help in strengthening the conceptual base of the students. However the tight scheduling of the subjects and other co curricular activities in the school makes it difficult and non viable for the teachers to discuss every single question at the chapter end and let the students know the answers. In this case the students are expected to do the questions at their homes. In order to cross check the answers the students need to keep a solution manual handy.


The solutions manual of the NCERT textbooks give detailed descriptions to difficult questions and contain extra questions for solving as well. …

Machine Tending Using Collaborative Robots and the Benefits

Machine tending robotic automation refers to the process of tending machines, mostly a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine. It involves the loading of raw materials into the CNC machine and the unloading of finished parts from the machine.

The difference between robotic machine tending and robotic machine handling is that machine tending is a more demanding process. This makes collaborative robots perfect for these tasks. For robotic machine tending to be possible, the collaborative robot needs to communicate with the CNC machine. It is also required to perform several functions for each application.

Common robotic machine tending applications include:

  • Milling and turning
  • Grinding
  • Compression molds
  • Injection molds
  • Welding
  • Stamping, punching, trimming and forging.

Each robotic tending task comprises of different specific processes in the list above. The common function is the loading and unloading of parts and materials.

The advantages of robotic machine tending

Improved uptime

This is one of …

Deciding Which Text and Voice Processing Products to Buy

There are many businesses that depend on having reliable text and voice processing products in order to perform the work they need to do. You might be responsible for running such a company. If this is the case, you owe it to yourself to do everything possible to track down the finest products that are currently available on the market. Doing this will allow you to operate your business in a faster and more efficient manner. Here are a few tips that will help you to determine the specific text and voice processing products you want to get.

  1. The accuracy with which the equipment is able to transcribe voice messages is of paramount importance.

Needless to say, you need to avoid equipment that makes mistakes in the voice messages that it transcribes. There are certain messages that will be critical to your business. You need to be sure that these …