We Are Planning a Vacation

Of course we sort of got sidetracked when we started to look at places which were wildly beyond our means and way beyond it at that point. We came across this web page, https://mykonosestates.com when we were looking at places in the Greek isles. Of course Mykonos is one of the largest of the Greek islands and it looks really gorgeous in the photos. At any rate we are looking for nice places and this island is full of them. However all of the places in this web page cost over a million euros, which is more than a million dollars. That would be a lot of money for a place that you were going to live in all year round, but obviously the people who buy these estates are either only going to them once or twice per year, or they are buying them and then renting them out to people like me.

I assume that you could actually afford one of these places if you did it with all of your friends. You would need about five or six couples and then it would not be so great of a problem to pay for it. You could do it with all of your family too, but I do not think I would want to go to the Greek islands with my grandmother really. In fact I am sort of wondering what sort of night life they have on this island, which seems to have a lot of resort towns around the coast. We are sort of thinking that we want to relax during the day and perhaps go out late at night for drinks and dinner. No one really wants to cook and clean dishes when they are on vacation, but I wonder if some of these places come with servants.