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Predicting the Top 6 Technological Developments for 2017

Today, we are at the apex of the technological revolution. That is until you learn about the new releases that are about to hit the market in a few months. Let us take a quick look at what to expect on the technology front in the near future.

The world has waited to see the interconnected home concept in practice, something that features the linking of each electronic device. The reason for its delay is the fierce competition amongst the parties that are likely to make it a reality. However, the past few years have seen collaboration between major corporations, meaning that users can expect significant advancements in the future.

Food is now becoming a serious problem as its shortage is now imminent, given the rate at which population numbers are soaring. A solution has been found in synthetic food, which is now present in a powder that contains every nutrient required by the human body.

Millions of people are set to benefit significantly because artificial intelligence use will increase in sectors like medicine, sports, education, and entertainment. The costs of virtual reality hardware are prohibitive at the moment, but are set to drop in a couple of months. The success that augmented reality has witnessed in gaming is promising since many other sectors are set to use the technology in the near future.

The fears that artificial intelligence will soon replace humans in organizations is now a reality. The insurance industry now uses artificial intelligence to compute the payouts of policyholders, and that makes it unnecessary to hire employees for such tasks. A company can now get savings in terms of salaries, benefits, equipment, office space, and training. The cognitive technology in use makes it think like humans. It can even analyze and interpret information in the form of video, unstructured text, audio, and others.

The use of smartphones is set to gain further use with the concept of everything on-demand gaining popularity at levels that are just unprecedented. Virtually anything you desire is now accessible via your smartphone, and that includes cabs, accommodation, pizza, and even flights.

The prices of consumer grade 3D printers are set to reduce significantly, making this technology accessible to many people after many years of being unaffordable. It is not surprising that these devices will become common in many homes in a few months to come. Purchasing items will be unnecessary because you will just print out the number of units you need for free.

Numerous other technological solutions will hit the market in a few months from now. One thing is apparent; however, making long-haul predictions is unwise due to the surprises that are possible from the tech world.

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