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If you are looking for an easy way to quit smoking, you will search for a very long time. Frankly speaking, there is no an easy way that you can use to quit smoking. Every method takes real determination, hard work and enduring through few painful weeks.
Quit-smoking hypnosis is the only strategy that works and can be said to close to an easy way to stop smoking. though they are simple to use, a good number of those who use patches and gums will still end up smoking. In hypnosis method the unconscious part of brain is transformed, this results in a changed way of thinking which will translate to changed behavior.
The first thing done is to prepare the person psychologically about the process. It is very crucial to help the person be fully aware of the working of the process This stage helps the smoker get rid of the negative attitudes that he/she may be having about the process, and he can begin the process on a clean slate Put efforts to reduce your intake the weeks before the beginning of the program. Someone who has attempted to stop smoking through the gradual reduction method can attest that it is impossible but cutting down your intake by 25-50% can greatly help in your hypnosis.
What should follow is one to stop smoking and begin attending the programs. Regardless of the route that the smoker will begin the quit-smoking hypnosis the best method is usually to do it in a way that no nicotine finds its way into their body from day one of their hypnosis. When you use hypnosis, you change the patterns of your subconscious mind. Slight smoking during the week after you have started the therapy could produce opposite results in a big percentage of individuals.
Even if the process becomes hard do not quit on the sessions, after all, there is no simpler way to help you quit smoking. One should know that quit-smoking hypnosis does not take away all the pain and effects that accompany withdrawal. The significant thing that is brought about by hypnosis is that it reduces the severity of the withdrawal syndrome. One is equipped to deal with all the negative effects that come along with stopped smoking.
If you stick to your quit smoking hypnosis sessions as instructed, and if you stick for a few days you soon discover that your cravings are just physical reactions to your withdrawal. You will experience discomfort in your body but your minds will not long to smoke. with time you will hate smoking and anytime you resist those cravings you will feel great and be proud of yourself.