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Tips for Buying a Used Car from a Car Dealership

If you have decided to buy a pre-owned car, one that is two or three years old would be the best one. These usually offer the best value. The price of used vehicles as well as the overall costs of ownership are usually lower than that of comparable new ones. Collision repair and taxes are some of the areas where you will pay less of a used car. Moreover, the vehicles usually have taken their biggest depreciation hit. Some people also buy used vehicles to owns models that they could not purchase when new.

However, to buy the right used car, you have to balance the value and risk. In Birmingham, there are a number of car dealerships that sell used vehicles. Compact cars, SUVs, luxury models and family sedans are among the range of vehicles you will find a used car dealerships in Birmingham. Before purchasing a used vehicle, you need to research well. Follow the two tips below to find the right used car to purchase.

How Reliable is the Car?
The reliability of vehicles produced over the years has continued to improve. According to various studies, cars that were made over the last five years are more reliable than those made more than five years ago. For example, car owners had to contend with rust and exhaust-system problems with cars made over five years ago. However, today’s cars rarely have these problems. Apart from this, major engine problems have been eliminated in most of the new vehicle models in the market today. A well maintained car can easily clock over 100,000 miles without the need for a major overhaul. It is also possible for the vehicles to reach 200,000 miles.
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Find Out About Repairs
Before purchasing a used vehicle from a car dealership, check its warranties and repair. You should check the maintenance and repair costs even though today’s used cars are more reliable. Generally, you will experience less problems with the used car during the first three years of its life. Most used vehicles that are under three years also have part of the original manufacturer warranty and hence the cost of some repairs may be covered by it.
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However, if you purchase a vehicle that is three years or older, chances are that its warranty is void or close to being void. The used car is bound to get more problematic over time. Moreover, the costs of maintaining the vehicle also increases as you rake in more miles. This means you should consider the cost of repairs for wear parts such as batteries, brakes and tires. The cost of purchasing a used vehicle will still be low even if you had to replace the wear items.