More Sports in Your Diet

When it comes to sports, humanity has been obsessed with this time honored pastime since ancient times. Sports have taken myriad different forms over the centuries, all of them with their own merits, and the sports of today are no different. Baseball, basketball, football, football (soccer to us Yankees), etc. Even eSports, yes, eSports, hold a place of honor in the sports pantheon these days. We love games, and what are sports but games but on a grander scale and with much more drama and tension? It’s no wonder, then, that we love them so much. Some of us devote the majority of our spare time to our favorite sports and our favorite teams. We eat, breath, and sleep sports. We are fanatics. For the sports fanatics out there, it can often seem like there’s simply not enough sports to go around. But, there are ways to get an extra dose of sports into your diet. Here are some examples.
First and foremost, simply go see your team live. While this is a run of the mill activity for some, and for most fans of local teams, those of us, say, watching a Steelers game from West Virginia (a state with no NFL representation) don’t have that option on a regular basis. However, you could always make an event out of it. Why not book a flight and a hotel with Priceline and go root for your team in person? It’ll be a memorable experience, to be sure.
Another way to get more sports into your day is to simply simulate your favorite sport. Video games have come a long way since the days of nerds vs jocks and primitive, pixelated graphics. Nowadays, you are officially allowed to like video games and sports, and that’s great, because sports games are a subset of the industry unto themselves. Madden, Fifa, etc. These games allow you to take control of your favorite team, or assemble a dream team using players from any teams you choose, and take the field, court, etc. and duke it out with the competition.