It is Possible to Remove the Virus Called Ransomware?

Ransomware is one of the most disconcerting viruses to come around in a long time. Business owners are especially vulnerable to ransomware because they have something to protect. Small entrepreneurs also lack major resources to protect their digital assets. They use public wifi often. They use free services, such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Google Drive. In all, there are a lot of ways to get in and business owners make it that way.

Ransomware is terrible because it can result in an actual real-life ransom. The virus will hijack data and encrypt it so the originating computer can’t access it. The person who hijacked the contents will request a pay-off to have the contents released. Business owners will back-up their data so they still have access to it if ransomware does hit. But, this does not solve the problem of the contents being accessible on the other end. They could still unencrypt it while never receiving their requested ransom. It is a slightly less sought after back-up plan. Is it possible to remove the virus of ransomware without losing a whole lot of data in the process?

To answer the question, can ransomware be removed, a person has to know what ransomware is not. Ransomware is just a term that encapsulates a certain type of methodology behind a virus. The type of virus that hijacks data is called ransomware because it often leads to an actual ransom. The designers will hold onto hijacked and encrypted data until a ransom is paid, and the virus type allows them to do that.

There is no obvious way to remove ransomware because ransomware is not a sleeping virus. In other words, it is not a virus that sits on a computer and acts in the background. Once the virus is activated through an email attachment or other means, it hijacks data. There is a narrative here- a beginning, a middle, and an end. Most other virus types can sleepily bury in the computer and “leak” files which are stolen. Ransomware is more invasive and immediate. To remove the virus, one has to do some major acrobatics.