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An Introduction to Singing Bowls. The development of technology has made the society to stop using traditional handmade equipment, which are now only found in museums and antique shops. Singing bowls is one ancient work that has survived the risk of going obsolete. Rim gongs are metallic upward facing bowls which makes a sound similar to traditional bells. The prayer bowls are placed on a flat surface, where the user uses a hammer to stroke them to vibrate and make sounds. Singing bowls are used for the following purposes. Deep thoughts. The facilitator has a singing bowl which is used when beginning the concentration exercise. Rim gong sounds are describe to have an impact on making the person comfortable in getting into the self-examination task. At the end of the session the mediator again stokes the bowl with a hammer to signify the end of the session. The singing bowl sound is said to be more convenient than telling the participants to suddenly stop the meditation. Prayer bowl just like the name suggest are used for spiritual occasions. Different spiritual functions will use the prayer bowl differently. Some civilization also uses the singing bowls to stop crying babies and make them doze off. The parent or guardian of the child will stroke the singing bowl gently, the vibration will distract the baby and all the vibration fades the child falls asleep. Singing bowls are also used by some schools especially nursery schools. The purpose of it is to call the classroom to order. Teachers are relieved the burden of screaming, for order as the rim gong sound has been taught to the kids as a signal for them to settle down.
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Some people have a belief that the vibration sound of the singing bowl assist them remember things they had forgotten. The singing bowl sounds are said to make a person able to dig deep into his or her memory and are able to remember things.
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Currently we have people performing musical events using rim gongs. The artist will create music by hitting a number of rim gong simultaneously. Many people find watching sing bowls artists’ performance very interesting. Traditional medicine men continue to have prayer bowls in their shelters. Singing bowls will be used during the curing process. The idea is that the singing bowl produces a sound that distracts the patient from the pain. In addition the sound serves as an assurance that the patient will get better and calms them down. The above shows the various functions of prayer bowls which makes them to be useful up to now. On top the designers of the bowls have kept up with the changes by using different materials and paintings.